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Eminence Front - The Who - Its Hard

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  1. Daishura says:
    eminence front. A song by the rock group The Who about the facade one erects, or the pose one assumes, whether from pride, arrogance, insecurity or some other motive, in order to conceal his or her identity or essential self. The song lists various happenings, the pursuit or occurrence of which causes us to forget that we conceal ourselves as such.
  2. Zulkigami says:
    Sep 11,  · Eminence Front +: The synthesizer that starts of Eminence Front and then falls to the background is appealing, though dated. The mood of the song is somber. It sounds as if Townsend has lost a piece of his heart in this one, perhaps the one that had held out hope for the rest of humanity. It's a good song, and one of my favorite Who anthems/5().
  3. Meztisida says:
    "Eminence" is high power or fame, so an "Eminence Front" is the illusion of such, as Pete Townshend indicates with the line, "It's a put-on." He said the song is about "the absurdity of drug-fueled grandiosity," possibly related to the Ativan detox program he went through shortly before writing the song.
  4. Kigakora says:

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